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Welcome to the 3medialabs.org.

3MediaLabs is a multidiscipline research lab based in Ancona, Italy
and is part of the DII department
at Università Politecnica delle Marche.
3medialabs is composed by two distinct and complementary groups:
A3lab and Semedia.

TheA3lab group actively works in the Digital Signal Processing area, with particular reference to multimedia data processing. It has about 20 years of history, although the A3lab name is much more recent denoting an increasing interest for real time digital Audio Processing.

A3Lab website >>



Semedia performs research and (software) development activities with particular interest in Semantic Web technologies, Multimedia Metadata and collaborative information management. Research topics at Semedia has ranged from peer-to-peer metadata exchange algorithms to multimedia metadata extraction and geo-spatial web. Recent applied research activity revolves around Semantic Web based annotation systems, and (Semantic) Digital Libraries.

SeMedia website >>


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Last update: Jenuary 18, 2010.